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The Windows 7 Netbook Blues

I’ve had a Lenovo X100e since shortly after they were released to market.  It’s got the single core AMD proc, 2GB of RAM, the extended battery and a 250GB HD.  It’s not perfect since the battery life is nothing to brag about and the screen’s viewing angles are total dildos. However, since it’s lighter than my MacBook Pro and ThinkPad T42, got a full-sized keyboard and my favorite notebook feature – a TrackPoint – it’s workable.

My complaint with it is with Windows 7.

Let me preface this by saying that Windows 7 is approaching the Platonic ideal for Windows.  It is far and away my favorite incarnation of Microsoft’s OS since DOS 6.22, but there’s a problem.  Its requirements are too steep.  Even with all the eye candy turned off and most of the ThinkVantage crap disabled, this X100 is not as snappy as I think it could and should be.  As I noted above, this computer isn’t exactly a beast.

So I’m thinking about my Linux options.  Fedora 13 is kinda out of the running.  My initial tests when it first came out were lukewarm since it didn’t want to install properly to dual boot on a test laptop at work since GRUB wouldn’t install correctly for beans..  I may or may not dual boot this X100 but I want the option to be there.

My background is in Redhat/Fedora, so RPM based distros would be preferable, but Lucid Lynx is making Ubuntu look pretty appealing.  Maybe I’ll go in a completely different direction with something like ReactOS or Haiku.

Thoughts or suggestions from the masses?

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