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A Hackintosh’d Netbook

I have finally dipped my toes into the world of Hackintoshing.

My victim?  A Lenovo S10e.  It was surprisingly straightforward.  It is quite likely that this is a function of the maturity of the community at this point. The earliest web articles I found for hacking this particular netbook involved upwards of two dozen steps and living with certain things not working correctly.  At this point, the only things that don’t work on mine are wired ethernet and Bluetooth tethering to a cellphone.  I think that’ll do nicely.

The guide that I followed [found here], had a handful of steps and the most time consuming parts were waiting for the Snow Leopard image to copy over and then waiting for it to install on the S10.  Total amount of active, mindful time invested:  about 15 minutes and most of that was trying to figure out why the Airport wouldn’t turn on.  Answer:  it was turned off in the BIOS.  Oops.

In short, I can definitely recommend the S10 as Hackintosh fodder.

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