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Mac Apps I Can’t Live Without Revisited

In the months since I posted about the apps that keep me tethered to the Mac platform, I have discovered some alternatives. Here’s a quick rundown of what I have tried and liked.

  • In place of Exposé, use Compiz – Compiz is incredible. There’s eyecandy, of course, but there’s also keyboard shortcuts and mouse gestures that do everything Exposé and Spaces can do and then some. Verdict? Upgrade.
  • In place of Quicksilver, use Gnome-Do – Gnome-Do isn’t quite as powerful as Quicksilver, but as an application launcher it’s on par with Launchy. Verdict? Slight downgrade.
  • In place of Visor, use Guake – Guake matches Visor feature for feature and even has a way of adding a shortcut to take the terminal window fullscreen. A bit superfluous in the presence of the Ctrl+Alt+F1-6 short cuts, but it can do that. Verdict? Slight upgrade.

I’m still missing equivalents for Better Touch Tool and Bowtie, but supposedly Maverick Meerkat has support for the Magic Trackpad. I’ll get around to testing those at some point in the near future. On the Bowtie front, Clementine and the presence of media keys on my ThinkPads make things a bit easier, so I’m not quite so actively searching for a replacement on this front.

A new thing to add to my list is AppleScript. I’ve discovered the powerful combination of Doug’s AppleScripts for iTunes and FastScripts. I realize though that most of this could be replicated with Python and Quod Libet, but this is just so much easier.

Will I be abandoning the Mac? Eventually. I don’t know that I like the way the wind is blowing with potential changes in Lion, but I do know that when the time comes, I could make the switch to commodity hardware and Linux and not suffer any serious performance hits. I’ve always been pragmatic in my choice of tools for working, but it’s a good feeling when you can afford to be high-minded sometimes.

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